1990 – 1994 (Demos and only vinyl release!)

Lobotomy hailed from Stockholm, Sweden. Their story starts back in ’90 when the band arose from the ashes of Rapture. Lobotomy released their first demo-cassette When death draws near in January ’91. It was very well received and the band was featured in several underground publications and songs from the tape were featured on various compilation-tapes. They played with bands such as Dismember, Disharmonic Orchestra, Desultory, Excruciate and Unanimated

The band got a bunch of different interests from small EP-labels and was set to record their first EPInstinct of brutality in July the same year. The recording was done, but with the companies lack of money and disability to run their label, the project never was finished . . .

But instead of wiping their tears Lobotomy recorded their now legendary demo Against the godswhich was released in June ’92. The demo was incredibly well received and the band was featured in over 50 magazines and to this day there hasn’t been published a single negative review on that demo. After this triumph the band recorded Nailed in misery in DEC ’92, a cassette-EP for the Italian based Obscure Plasma Records (now called Avantgarde) but the guy who had signed the band left for Metal Hammer magazine so the EP wasn’t released until June ’93. The band decided to go to a new label named Rising Realm Rec. (Finland) and released Hymn a seven-inch vinyl in Jan ’94.

Both Nailed in misery and Hymn have been very well received by critics and fans, so there was no time to waste.

1994 – 1995 (First album: Lobotomy)

The band was offered various deals from growing rec-labels and signed a deal with an Austrian based label in Sept ’94. The recording took place at ”SVLT Dead House” a professional 46-track digital studio with the goal of making one hell of an album, and so they did. Eleven different heavy, melodic and epic songs, which the band are very proud of. Too bad the boss at the label misconduct the deal before the recording was done, so the band bought the tapes from the studio and started to send adv-cassettes with songs from the album to various labels. Then in May ’95 they signed a deal with Sweden’s ”House of Kicks” (the home for labels like ”No Fashion Rec.” and ”Chaos Rec.” etc.). In the meantime Lobotomy played a bunch of shows with bands like: Dissection, Vomitory and A Canorous Quintet.

Finally Lobotomy’s debut album Lobotomy was released in November ’95.

1996 – 1997 (Second album: Kill)

Then, in the beginning of December ’96, Lobotomy entered ”Studio Sunlight” to record a new album. The album was finished in early January ’97. With the help of Tomas Skogsberg, Lobotomy has produced some very heavy stuff.. It was released in June ’97. The title of the album is Kill and it contained 9 completely new and fresh songs. The response was very good due to the fact that Black Metal had it´s highest peek and that Kill was something from the old-school era. So allot of magazines gave the thumbs up due to the bands faithful service to the deathmetal-genre!

1998 – 1999 (Third album: Born in Hell)

Due to family crisis and a lot of other disturbing happenings the band kept a low profile during ´98. But in May´99 Lobotomy unleashed their strongest material to date Born in Hell was a massive package intense and twisted metal. 10 complete pop-slaughtering tracks that finally gained the band stronger recognition from both the press and fans. Recorded in Sunlight Studios and produced by Jocke Pettersson (drummer in Dawn and Regurgitate) Born in Hell was something that the band could stand behind and say -This is us, this is Lobotomy!

Ten intense tracks that tell the wicked tale about the sick world we live in. Even if it is not a concept album, a thin red line can be found. It’s more frightening than any fantasy bullshit. This is now, seen from the bands twisted imagination.

The band played various gigs with bands such as: Vomitory, Meshuggah, Coercion, Carnal Forge to name but a few.

2000 (Fourth album: Holy Shit EP)

In March 2000 Born in Hell was released in USA/Canada through MetalBlade Records, and for the first time people could get hold of a Lobotomy record without paying a week salary for the album on import.

Back in Sweden, Lobotomy released Holy Shit a 5-song ep through No Fashion Rec. The songs where written during the Born in Hell sessions, but they where not a part of the Born in Hell-saga. So therefore the band waited to bring these tracks to the masses until now.

Soon after the release of Holy Shit, Lars Jelleryd decided to leave the band due to a lack of interest. He was replaced by Jakob Leczinsky, with whom the band played a few gigs before finally calling it quits. Etienne Belmar then joined Undercroft.

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